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Water on the Exoplanet 51 Pegasi b!

23rd Mar, 2017 by Tony Darnell

Join us as we discuss the discovery and observations of 51 Pegasi b and how they arrived at the exciting result that the planet’s atmosphere contains water.

NASA's TESS Mission to Study Exoplanets

16th Mar, 2017 by Tony Darnell

What's the latest with the NASA TESS mission to study Earth-sized exoplanets? Watch this months Future in Space Hangout to find out!

Fast Moving Stars and Interstellar Bow Shocks

9th Mar, 2017 by Tony Darnell

Sometimes individual stars in our galaxy are seen to be zipping through space. The winds from the stars ram into the interstellar medium -- the material between the stars in our galaxy -- and a bow shock is formed.