This Week in Space Telescopes Podcast

Join Tony Darnell and Carol Christian as they discuss the latest science results and status of humanity's eyes in space. We live in a golden age of space astronomy, at no other time in our history have we been able to view the cosmos in so many innovative ways. This weekly podcast is usually posted on Mondays whenever possible but sometimes we miss a week or two!

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 12th Sep, 2016

Welcome to our first news roundup. The topics for today: SpaceX Explosion; The latest on Juno at Jupiter; ESA's Philae lander found on Comet 67P; 35 years of Voyager I and II Probes

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 5th Sep, 2016

Satellites are critical for tracking fire locations, extent and progression. Many Earth looking satellites are in the fleet to support this effort, and in particular NASA’s Suomi NPP satellite

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 22nd Aug, 2016

On September 8, 2016, NASA is launching its first mission to an asteroid, where it will not only study it in detail, but collect a sample to return to Earth.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 15th Aug, 2016

After 19 years, the Cassini Mission is still unlocking secrets to the ringed-planet and its moons.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 8th Aug, 2016

Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) is an international satellite mission to provide next-generation observations of rain and snow worldwide every three hours.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 25th Jul, 2016

Have you ever wondered how scientists and engineers work to protect our space telescopes from the harmful environment of space? What about EMP's? What threats to they pose and what are the biggest factors concerning the safety of our space telescopes