What Caused the Big Bang?

Published on 26th January 2011


Wow all the answers to my questions were solved withthe realisation that we still have alot to discover and nothing is off the table?
Jonny jakes - 8th June 2016
So space in the sense of an empty void did not exist prior to the Big Bang? Then what is the universe expanding into? That the sum total of matter and energy within the range of current human perception may be expanding outwardly is entirely plausible. But to state that empty space came into existence at a certain point, along with time-an intangible temporal parameter-appears like a dubious and mystical assertion. For one thing it poses the question, what is non-space and what is non-time? If universe is deemed to be a term that encompasses "everything" then it must take that into account. In terms of the chart/graphic used to illustrate this, the area outside the graphic.
Joe Hansem - 11th June 2016
Can anyone answer Joe Hansem's questions? What is the universe expanding into and what is none space and non time? I've struggled with these question s for years.
Paul Brophy - 4th July 2016
I don't think anyone can answer Joe Hansem's questions because all we know are the space and time that we are part of. Our biology and mind are subject to space and time and explaining what is "outside" of these two measures is impossible for us. However, the fact that we ask these questions in the first place is indicative of some kind of answer which, in my humble opinion, exists but we can't comprehend it in rational terms. It's beyond our imagination because we can only imagine space and time. Therefore, whatever the answer is, it must be part of a system outside everything we know or are made of. It thus becomes a matter of belief.
Mourad Zerroug - 10th July 2016
I do not think anyone can answer 'The question'. When I try to imagine non-space prior big-bang I feel my brain cannot tolerate my torture anymore.
Chinthaka Wijayaweera - 13th July 2016
The "First Something", whatever it was, has no cause. It was eternal. Many scientists once believed the Universe was the eternal, included, First Something (e.g., Eddington, Einstein). But we now know it "began". If beginnings do not happen without a cause, then something that transcends the Universe itself caused the Universe to begin. An eternal, uncaused, all powerful, "Mind" is a plausible option.
Phil N. - 5th August 2016
The universe is not expanding into anything; that is the whole point. It is an expansion OF space, not an expansion in space.
bluesky - 12th August 2016
I know there wasn't any space and time before the big bang. What my thoughts about this matter are that there could have been energy before the big bang which caused the big bang. Energy is always there, now and even then. But I still cannot answer what is non-space and non-time
Jondipan jatunga - 16th August 2016

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