Afternoon Astronomy Coffee

Every week, in universities and institutions around the world, astronomers meet over coffee to discuss the latest research in space and astronomy. This is your chance to join in on Thursdays, 3pm ET.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 27th Apr, 2017

Researchers have cleverly used data from the New Horizons mission to look at the light from distant galaxies.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 13th Apr, 2017

SOFIA is the an airplane and an astronomical observatory, the largest of its type in the world. It is starting to make some of the most amazing observations of the universe in the infrared.

1 Published by Tony Darnell on 30th Mar, 2017

Astronomers have uncovered a supermassive black hole that has been thrown out of the center of a distant galaxy by what they think may be due to gravitational waves.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 23rd Mar, 2017

Join us as we discuss the discovery and observations of 51 Pegasi b and how they arrived at the exciting result that the planet’s atmosphere contains water.

1 Published by Tony Darnell on 9th Mar, 2017

Sometimes individual stars in our galaxy are seen to be zipping through space. The winds from the stars ram into the interstellar medium -- the material between the stars in our galaxy -- and a bow shock is formed.

1 Published by Tony Darnell on 23rd Feb, 2017

NASA's Curiosity rover certainly has uncovered unusual features of Mars.