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Here is the full Deep Astronomy astronomy videos index, featuring the best videos from the Deep Astronomy YouTube Channel.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 26th Jan, 2017

How do stellar-mass black holes spin? This week we discuss this topic as new results from NASA's NuSTAR spacecraft which looked at the black hole known as GS 1354−645.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 21st Jan, 2017

Updates on various space- and ground-based missions and instruments, including Juno, WFIRST and the WLT; and scientists, using rocks from the Moon, have found that the Moon is a lot older than we previously thought.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 19th Jan, 2017

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0 Published by Tony Darnell on 13th Jan, 2017

A look back at the touchdown of the Huygens lander on Titan some twelve years ago and a look ahead at what’s in store for the Cassini later this year; and astronomers find distant stars in the Milky Way were probably ripped off of another galaxy.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 12th Jan, 2017

A star with unusual changes in brightness was discovered the Kepler Mission Planet Hunters.

0 Published by Tony Darnell on 6th Jan, 2017

Those who have been with me from the beginning know that Space Fan News was born six years ago this week to report biggest and most exciting astronomical discoveries announced during the winter conference of the American Astronomical Society.