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The Great Dimming of Betelegeuse Mystery Has Apparently Been Solved

21st Jul, 2021

From the 'One Less Thing' department: astronomers using the VLT in Paranal appear to understand what caused a remarkable change in brightness of Betelegeuse, a red supergiant star in Orion. (ESO)

Event Horizon Telescope Dives into the Heart of Centaurus A*

20th Jul, 2021

After directly imaging the event horizon of the supermassive black hole in M87, astronomers coordinate to do it again with another galaxy, this one 100 times smaller. (CNET)

First Images from Repaired Hubble

20th Jul, 2021

After switching Hubble over to the backup computer system, NASA has put Hubble back to work. Here are the first images to be taken after it was brought back online. (HubbleSite)

Looks Like The Hubble Space Telescope is Back!

16th Jul, 2021

NASA switched Hubble to use the backup computer system and it seems to have worked. From NPR News

Don’t Be Surprised if EmDrive Experiments Never Work

16th Jul, 2021

Every few years the “EmDrive”, a proposed method of generating rocket thrust without any exhaust, hits the news. Each time, everyone asks: could this be it? (Universe Today)