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Video: Hubble Constant Measurements from Type 1a Supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey

28th Mar, 2019 - 1742 views

Multistreaming with


Video: Deep Astronomy Podcast Life in the Universe We Might Be It

21st Mar, 2019 - 2738 views

Check out the Deep Astronomy Podcast, available on all podcast aggregators. Today I'm trying an experiment to stream the recording I was going to make today. Might be good for live chat feedback. Today's episode is based on my opinions of why ther


Video: Hubble Constant Measurments from Type 1a Supernovae from the Dark Energy Survey

21st Mar, 2019 - 1504 views

The Dark Energy Survey looked at 5000 square degrees of the southern skies in an attempt to characterize dark energy but the observations taken are also very useful for supernovae research. By measuring the standard candles known as Type 1a Supernov


Video: Stargazing from Times Square April 37

19th Mar, 2019 - 1364 views

Deep Astronomy and OPT Telescopes are going to setup telescopes in Times Square to demonstrate that light pollution doesn't have to preclude enjoyment of the night sky. Join us on April 3-7th as we'll be in the area also attending NEAF. #stargazing


Video: Standard Sirens To The Rescue LIGO Gets An Upgrade

6th Mar, 2019 - 2489 views

Space Fan News is Sponsored by OPT Telescopes and Patreon Patrons: The LIGO gravitational observatory collaboration receives new funding to upgrade it’s amazing facilities. This should allow astronomers to get more informat


Video: Albedo 052 Images of Jupiter from Juno

1st Mar, 2019 - 4355 views

One of my favorite composers is Vangelis and for people who like old school Cosmos, you know what I'm talking about. I've been thinking about making a tribute to Albedo 0.39 for a while and all of the amazing Junocam images of Jupiter inspired me.