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Submission Guidelines for Space Fan News

7th Apr, 2017 - 4783 views

Want to submit a story for Space Fan News? Here are the guidelines to follow.

Apophis: The Asteroid That Could Smash Into the Earth on April 13th, 2036

25th Oct, 2006 - 19.8k views

Will Apophis hit us in 2036? That depends on its trajectory as it passes overhead in 2029!

Landing on Mars is a Distraction

26th Jul, 2021 - 539 views

I never thought I would be that guy who harumphed about why we should attempt a landing on Mars, I've long dreamed of the day humanity stepped foot on another planet. It is just that going to Mars now seems so irrelevant and uninteresting when we may not have a planet to come back to.

The March of TESS

2nd Mar, 2018 - 5679 views

The Transiting Exoplanet Serve Satellite (TESS) is slated on the launch from Earth, no earlier than mid-April 2018, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. From this amazing mission, we hope to find thousands or Earth-sized worlds.

Cool Astronomy Gifts for Christmas

22nd Nov, 2017 - 5821 views

Are you looking for a cool gift this year for the astronomy enthusiast in your life? Check out our suggestions.

Why Do You Want a Telescope?

1st Nov, 2006 - 7265 views

If you're in the market for a telescope, I want to make sure you have the best possible experience with it under the stars.

Looking Up

5th Mar, 2018 - 3281 views

Our predilection to look to the sky, to feel what we feel and to find fascination where we treasure it, is a curiosity.

Top 10 Tips for Buying Your First Telescope

23rd Apr, 2018 - 3685 views

Stare into the night sky often enough, admire it for enough nights, and a fuse will be lit. It'll only a matter of time before you buy a telescope. What are the criteria for making a selection? Here are 10 tips to get you started.

How to Get A Job in Astronomy

25th Jan, 2017 - 7783 views

Job in astronomy | Get a job as an astronomer | A scientific career in deep astronomy is not all about getting a PhD | Support or project scientist?

What is the Best Telescope to Buy?

6th Aug, 2011 - 56.3k views

Buying a telescope can be very daunting if you've never used one before. Read this article before getting out your wallet.

How to Destroy the Earth with a Coffee Can

20th Sep, 2006 - 9896 views

It's not as easy to destroy the Earth as you might think; evil geniuses everywhere have been trying for years. The problem lies with the fact that the Earth is pretty big (at least compared to you and me) and it takes quite a bit of energy.

Asteroid Facts

11th Feb, 2012 - 5507 views

The solar system is actually a pretty scary place. Right now, NASA is tracking almost 15,000 near Earth objects that include both asteroids and comets, and there are an unknown number of these objects circling the Sun.

Why Astronomy Matters

10th Jul, 2006 - 5319 views

I was recently asked the question, "Why does knowing about astronomy matter?"

The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken

6th Sep, 2006 - 18.8k views

Probably more than any other image I've ever seen, the Hubble Deep Field has profoundly changed my perspective on the universe and our place in it.

The Redneck Astronomer

15th Aug, 2007 - 3456 views

My life has always been a collision of worlds that never seemed to fit together. This article explains, in part, what I mean.

Telescopes for Viewing Deep Space Objects: Nebulae, Star Clusters, and Galaxies

13th Sep, 2018 - 6521 views

The most common mistake among beginners is choosing a telescope that is suitable for bright sky objects thinking that they can also peer into deep space. In this article, we will talk about the gear you'll need in order to observe deep sky objects.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Telescope

25th Oct, 2006 - 8872 views

Here is some stuff I think every person should think about before buying their very first telescope.

How I Overcame My Math Blocks

31st Dec, 2006 - 28.0k views

What do you do when you can’t do the thing you want most in life? And I don’t mean “can’t” in a I-have-other-things-to-do kind of way. I mean can’t do it even though it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do kind of way.

Your First Telescope for Astronomy

14th Nov, 2006 - 7133 views

New to amateur astronomy? Want to get involved? Want to buy your first telescope? Here are some things I wish I knew when I was starting out.

GAO Turns Down Bezos' Blue Origin Petition to Build a Lunar Lander

2nd Aug, 2021

When billionaires have fits, they are over big stuff (because they have bigger problems than us lower forms of life), so I'm sure fits are being pitched in the Bezos casa. Jeff even offered to spend 2 billion of his own dollars to get the contract! You know he wanted that puppy. The GAO says NASA didn't break any procurement rules choosing SpaceX as the only provider of a lunar lander even though NASA said it would pick two. Read the GAO statement here, if you can drown out the crying sound in the background. (NASA)

Harvard's Galileo Project will search for technosignatures of civilizations around the Galaxy

30th Jul, 2021

Avi Loeb was very intrigued by the object known as Oumuamua, a strangely shaped thing following a trajectory from outside the solar system. Inspired by Oumuamua, Loeb's team at Harvard started The Galileo Project, a network of 10-inch telescopes around the globe that will look for signs of technology in our galaxy. (Harvard)

Launch of JWST Inches Closer as Northrop Grumman Begins to Button Up the Spacecraft

21st Jul, 2021

I'm not saying it's happening, but the launch of JWST slowly progresses. This thing may actually get off the ground before the year ends, but I'm not holding my breath. (NASA)

Astronomers Work on "Satellite Constellation Problem"

28th Jul, 2021

It's no secret that the tens of thousands of new satellites being launched by SpaceX, Amazon and others are going to have an impact on our night skies. At the most recent SATCON2 workshop, astronomers are trying to get ahead of the problem. (

Don’t Be Surprised if EmDrive Experiments Never Work

16th Jul, 2021

Every few years the “EmDrive”, a proposed method of generating rocket thrust without any exhaust, hits the news. Each time, everyone asks: could this be it? (Universe Today)

Event Horizon Telescope Dives into the Heart of Centaurus A*

20th Jul, 2021

After directly imaging the event horizon of the supermassive black hole in M87, astronomers coordinate to do it again with another galaxy, this one 100 times smaller. (CNET)

SpaceX Will launch NASA's Europa Clipper Mission (at a bargain!)

23rd Jul, 2021

This is one of my favorite NASA missions, I can't wait till Europa Clipper gets to Jupiter's moon. Scheduled to launch in 2024, SpaceX will send it on its journey aboard a Falcon Heavy with a 'kick stage'. All for $178 Million. (Ars Technica)

The Great Dimming of Betelegeuse Mystery Has Apparently Been Solved

21st Jul, 2021

From the 'One Less Thing' department: astronomers using the VLT in Paranal appear to understand what caused a remarkable change in brightness of Betelegeuse, a red supergiant star in Orion. (ESO)

NASA's Roman Space Telescope Data will be housed at the MAST Archive

29th Jul, 2021

The Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes at STScI in Maryland will store, serve and archive the data from the upcoming Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. Formerly called WFIRST, this is the NEXT BIG THING after JWST. Scheduled to launch sometime in this decade, this telescope will have a big impact on our understanding of our place in the universe. (

Astronomers Measure Magnetic Field Around M87* Black Hole

23rd Jul, 2021

Measuring magnetic fields is notoriously difficult, you usually have to be sitting in the middle of it with a magnetometer to get a reading. So how do astronomers get a magnetic field measurement of a black hole in a galaxy billions of light years away? By looking at polarized light. (ESO)

Arianespace Ariane 5 Launches two Satellites this Weekend

2nd Aug, 2021

This is important because this rocket will launch JWST late this year and the rocket has been grounded since August 2020 for some fairing issues when deploying satellites. It goes without saying the JWST mission does not want any 'issues' with the rocket when it comes time for launch. For now, it's looking like late November 2020 for a launch. Don't be surprised if that's pushed back. (SpaceNews)

First Images from Repaired Hubble

20th Jul, 2021

After switching Hubble over to the backup computer system, NASA has put Hubble back to work. Here are the first images to be taken after it was brought back online. (HubbleSite)

Looks Like The Hubble Space Telescope is Back!

16th Jul, 2021

NASA switched Hubble to use the backup computer system and it seems to have worked. From NPR News

NASA's Perseverance Rover has Begun Looking for Life on Mars

21st Jul, 2021

For the first time since the Viking Lander touched down on Utopia Planitia in the 1970's, we are searching for signs of life on the planet Mars. 'Bout time! (NASA)

You Probably Don't Care About Space Junk - Until You Do

22nd Jul, 2021

Space Junk is a problem, a big one. And it's getting bigger. Of the almost 20,000 things flying around in orbit, only about 2200 of them are actual, working satellites. Including GPS. (Universe Today)

Hubble Archive Data Revealed First Evidence of Water Vapor on Jupiter's Ganymede

26th Jul, 2021

The amount of data sitting in the MAST Archive where Hubble data is stored is one of the most amazing untapped resources in the world. Using data from decades ago, astronomers found evidence for water vapor on Ganymede that comes from surface sublimation of ice during the daytime on the Jovian Moon. (HubbleSite)

Glenn Memorial Symposium Powering Innovation from the Sky to the Stars

24th Jun, 2019

Multistreaming with Whenever bandwidth permits, Deep Astronomy will be live streaming from the John Glenn memorial Symposium. Please use Discord for our live chat: We are in the livestream-chat chann

2019 Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium Day 2

12th Sep, 2019

Sponsored by the American Astronautical Society, become a member: Here is day two of the Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium. Today's session starts at 8:30am CT and will last until noon. Check out the schedul

Seeing Beyond - The James Webb Space Telescope (Final Cut)

16th Mar, 2013

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope and is scheduled for launch in October 2018. We made some changes and did some re-cutting. Here is the final version. You can download this video for free on my bl

Deep Astronomy Kennedy Space Center NASASocial

23rd Jun, 2019

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Hubble Space Telescope Update

24th Oct, 2018

The mission engineers and scientists for the Hubble Space Telescope have been working to correct some technical issues with the gyros that point the venerable space telescope. Hubble went into safe mode a couple of weeks ago and now seems to be back

Space Fan News #76: There Are Millions of Black Holes; Molecules of Life Found; Kepler-47

8th Sep, 2012 Millions of Black Holes: Molecules of life found: Planet

What is the Probability of Other Technological Species?

20th Jul, 2017

Can there be other technological civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy? Tune in this week as we discuss with Dr. Adam Frank the cosmic frequency of technological species in the Universe. Recent advances in exoplanet studies provide strong constrai

The Year in Astronomy 2013

28th Dec, 2013

Please join Tony Darnell and Scott Lewis on 27 December at 8 p.m. EST as we celebrate that ISON didn't kill us and discuss some of the biggest astronomy stories of the year. We will also take a look ahead to what's in store in 2014. We will have se

Space Fan News #98: Life Can Come from Space; Nearest Galaxy Measured; Measure the Moon

10th Mar, 2013

This week's SFN was done from Austin, Texas and SXSW. Evidence that comets seeded life on Earth: Nearest Ga

Your Sky Tonight The SuperEarth Around Barnards Star

22nd Nov, 2018

Located in the constellation Ophiuchus, there is an unremarkable red dwarf star some six light years away. After the three stars of the Alpha Centauri system, this is the closest star to us. Known as Barnard’s star, it is invisible to the unaided

Have Astronomers Found Vulcan?

26th Sep, 2018

Live chat on Discord! What would the planet Vulcan be like? It might be like the "super-Earth" planet orbiting a nearby star (16 light years) called HD 26965. The planet is only 2 times the size of Earth and the parent sta

Will ISRO Be Able to Communicate with Chandrayaan 2 Vikram Lander

7th Nov, 2019

Space Fan News is Sponsored by OPT Telescopes and Patreon Patrons: #ISRO #VikramLander #SpaceFanNews On September 7, 2019 the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) lost contact with the Chandrayaan 2 Vikram lander as it ma

Imaging the Surface of Proxima Centauri b

27th Apr, 2017

Is it possible to directly image the surface of Proxima Centaur b? Watch this hangout and find out! Please checkout the new Kickstarter Campaign for the PLANETS Foundation:

2 Rocky Earth-Like Worlds; Most Distant Quasar Found in Reionization Era; ESPRESSO Better Than HARPS

9th Dec, 2017

Consider supporting Space Fan News: to ensure you get current space & astronomy news each week! This week, astronomers at ESO find yet another system with rocky, earth-sized planets; the most distant quasar from the

EXOMars Lander Lost?; NASA's Juno Switches Off | SFN #181

22nd Oct, 2016

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Getting Started in Astrophotography

22nd Oct, 2018

If you'd like to get started in taking images with your telescope, then this is the hangout for you! Experts at OPT Telescopes will be discussing the right way to get started in this wonderful and amazing aspect of amateur astronomy. Watch this han

What's the Difference Between an Astronomer and an Astrophysicist?

2nd May, 2018

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between an astronomer and an astrophysicist? You're not alone. I get this question all the time and I'll have the answer in this astronomy vlog post.

Meeting in Space to Make the Journey Possible

3rd Feb, 2017

Senior NASA leadership has often observed that humans are closer to their first mission to Mars than ever before in history. In our next Hangout we will discuss how rendezvous, resupply, and refueling in orbit may make possible affordable early hum

Mars InSight Landing MarCO Steals the Show

1st Dec, 2018

Space Fan News is Sponsored by OPT Telescopes and Patreon Patrons: In this episode NASA successfully puts another lander on the Red Planet. Earlier this week,

The Search for Dark Energy w DES DECAM

14th Jan, 2019

Telescope Talk Hangouts are sponsored by OPT Telescopes: There are multiple searches underway to try and find the characteristics of the stuff that is causing the universe to accelerate as it expands. Astronomers call this st

Space Fans Unite!

11th May, 2012

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Space Fan News #11: The Beginning of the End of an Era

27th Feb, 2011

You can haz astronomy tweets: This week, I wax rhapsodic about the final launch of Discovery, and discuss it's relevance to the Hubble.

ESO's VISIR Gets Ready for Juno; India Sets Launch Record; China Launches New Rocket | SFN 169

1st Jul, 2016

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