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Video: Mystery of Ultra Diffuse Galaxy with NO Dark Matter Solved

8th Jun, 2019 - 10.4k views

Remember that ultra diffuse galaxy I told you about in SFNs 226 and 232? You know, the one with NO dark matter? Well turns out there is dark matter there.


Video: Biological Time and the Drake Equation

6th Jun, 2019 - 3997 views

Like this content? Please consider becoming a patron: Today's guest is Bernie Taylor and we'll be talking about the Drake Equation and the commonality of life in the universe. Follow DeepAstronomy on Twitter: @Deep


Video: Can We See the Pillars of Creation with Amateur Astronomy Telescopes

6th Jun, 2019 - 6550 views

In the late spring skies in the northern hemisphere, looking towards the southeast in the hours after midnight, there is a region of star formation that right now, is home to newborn stars: The Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula


Video: NASAs Juno Finds Great Blue Spot Affects Jupiters Entire Magnetic Field

25th May, 2019 - 4195 views

NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter finds that the Great Blue Spot affects the entire magnetic field


Video: Star Atlases and Planispheres w/ Wil Tirion

14th May, 2019 - 1461 views

Star atlases are an essential tool for use in amateur astronomy. Although most people use them in digital or App form, there is still room on our bookshelves for some old-school printed maps.


Video: Your Sky Tonight The Southern Crab Nebula

11th May, 2019 - 2619 views

Every year, in celebration of another monumental anniversary of observations and discovery, the astronomers operating the Hubble Space Telescope release an annual image highlighting the beauty of our cosmos.