Apollo50th Makes Me Feel Really Old

big week for Apollo 11 fans. This week we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing... And I'm feeling really old right about now.

Published on 16th Jul, 2019

Hey space fans and welcome to one of several videos I’m going to make this week about the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. Now I’m not one that’s very much on celebrating anniversaries, the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space telescope, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. I mean they are great, and some, like my wedding anniversary, are marvelous, but by and large they just make me realize how old I am. Every July though, I take some time out to think about the moon landing and I always remember what I was doing then. I’m 57 years old now so I was seven when Neil and Buzz stepped foot on the moon. I had sat through all NASA launches on TV and because I grew up here in Florida, Dad took me to one of the Gemini launches near the cape. So the space program of the sixties was a big part of my childhood and throughout my life I’ve collected a bit of Apollo space memorabilia like this really cool model of the Apollo 11 Landing done by the Smithsonian which I found in an antique store in Baltimore. Buzz’s leg broke when I dropped him during a move on year, but it’s a really cool piece. I also have some really old posters of Apollo mission crew, these are promotional posters printed in Cocoa Beach and they are water damaged because you can’t have anything nice in Florida, but I think they are cool. All of this is to say that I really like cool Apollo gifts and when a company called Mova Globes reached out to me to ask if I’d take a look at their commemorative Apollo 11 Moon globe, I look at their website and said ‘yeah, those look really neat’, so here I am. They sent me a globe to do a video for, but I gotta send it back and I’m not getting paid any money for this. So full disclosure. This is the globe and I gotta tell you I’ve not seen anything like it. As you can see it rotates, and it does this whenever light is shining on it. The inner globe floats in an almost friction free enviroment. It has the same average density as the fluid it is in so it doesn’t contact the outer globe at all. The energy to overcome the fluid friction is provided by the room light that passes through the graphic design and hits specialized solar cells inside the outer globe. An electric current from the cells powers electromagnets that cause the spin. It works like a compass but the magnetic field is always changing. The moon graphic is about a quarter of an inch below the outer globe and boy is that an optical illusion. I wouldn’t know that if I hadn’t read it in the manual. It has the Apollo 50th logo on it that NASA designed and it is marked with the mission patches of the six Apollo missions that landed on the moon with a little triangle to mark the location of the landing site. It doesn’t require any batteries or plugs, you just set it up on the little pedistal here and that’s it! Another thing I thought was cool is I had to look really hard to see where the seam for the two hemispheres came together. These globes are currently available for preorder at the link in the description box, the orders will get filled at the end of August. Again, I don’t get anything for talking about this globe, that’s not an affilliate link, just a tracking link, I just thought it was cool and wanted to share it with you. I’ve got mixed feelings about this week, on the one hand, I’m thrilled to spend some time thinking about the amazing things we did back in 1969 and the momentous landing on the moon, but it makes me feel really old. I can’t wait for NASA to get back into human spaceflight again, I hope at least Artemis proves stubborn enough to get us back to the moon before political priorities change again. And yes, before you ask, I’m a proponent of the Lunar Gateway and the Artemis program. It makes perfect sense to me to get back to the moon and lunar orbit before heading to Mars. As Charlie Bolden said last week at the John Glenn Memorial Symposium in Cleveland, ‘Going to the Moon IS going to Mars.’ And I agree completely. Well that’s it for this video space fans. Thanks to Mova Globes for sending me this really cool Moon globe to talk about during the anniversary week, and let me know what you think. Are you as old as me? Do you remember the moon landing? If you’re a young space fan, what do you think of going back to the moon? Let me know in the comments, I want to hear from you. Thanks to all of you for watching and as always, Keep Looking Up! Check out the globes here: http://bit.ly/DeepAstronApollo50