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The Closest Known Black Hole

5th Oct, 2022

Lone black holes drifting through interstellar space are impossible to unless we can observe the effect they have on things nearby that we can see. What is the closest known black hole?

The Hellscape of 55 Cancri e

12th Aug, 2022

55 Cancri e is an exoplanet so close to its it's entire year is only a few hours. 55 Cancri e is a planet that can only be described as a hellscape. Astronomers believe that this planet is rocky and a little larger than the Earth. It is in a system that is 41 light years away.

The Cartwheel Galaxy From Webb Space Telescope

5th Aug, 2022

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has peered into the chaos of the Cartwheel Galaxy, revealing new details about star formation and the galaxy’s central black hole. Webb’s powerful infrared gaze produced this detailed image of the Cartwheel and two smaller companion galaxies against a backdrop of many other galaxies. This image provides a new view of how the Cartwheel Galaxy has changed over billions of years.

What is Up With Artemis?

23rd Jun, 2022

It looks like it's going to take longer to get to the Moon than NASA had planned.

James Webb Space Telescope: The First Exoplanets

10th Jun, 2022

As commissioning of James Webb Space Telescope winds down, we are starting to turn our attention to the first year of science observations! One area of intense intense interest will be exoplanet targets.

The FIrst Images of James Webb Space Telescope

8th Jun, 2022

In May of 2022, NASA released the first high definition engineering images from NIRCam, the Near-Infrared Camera. As part of the commissioning process, James Webb Space Telescope looked at part of the Large Magellanic Cloud.