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Unusual Hot Jupiters

10th Feb, 2017 - 3971 views

Hot Jupiters are gas giant planets, somewhat similar to Saturn or Jupiter, but instead, they orbit very close to their host stars with orbital periods of less than 10 days. Because these planets are very near their parent star, they are heated to ext

One of the Fastest Spinning Black Holes Discovered!

27th Jan, 2017 - 3959 views

Black holes come in a variety of sizes from supermassive masses in galaxies to the mass of a single star. Objects even with stellar masses often emit X-rays and other radiation. The radiation comes from material near the black hole such as an accre

Comet Swarms or Alien Megastructures? The Strange Variations of the Star KIC 8462852

13th Jan, 2017 - 7460 views

A star with unusual changes in brightness was discovered the Kepler Mission Planet Hunters. This star is called KIC 8462852 or "Tabby’s star" and has strange irregular dips in brightness and also seemed to be getting fainter over the last 4 years.

Dragonfly 44: A Mysterious Galaxy Made of Mostly Dark Matter

9th Dec, 2016 - 5977 views

Hangout made possible by .SPACE Domains: If dark matter is, well, dark how can it be found? Remarkably, a team of astronomers found a galaxy made almost entirely of dark matter by using several powerful telescopes. The galaxy i

A Gamma Ray Binary in Another Galaxy: A massive object paired with a crushed stellar core remnant

11th Nov, 2016 - 3480 views

Download all visuals here: A search for binary stars that emit gamma-rays using NASA’s Fermi satellite turned up a luminous object in another galaxy. These objects are characteristically variable. Using additional telescopes

Latest Results from NASA's New Horizon Pluto Mission

28th Oct, 2016 - 4115 views

NOTE: Due to the poor video quality, the audio portion has been posted on the TWiST Podcast Stream here: Here is a link to the graphics discussed: Apparentl