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Join us each week as we discuss the latest discoveries of planets around other stars, the possibility of life on these other worlds, the challenges of getting to these distant planets and much, much more.

Will We Ever Find Life on Mars?

5th Oct, 2017

Want some great online courses in astronomy? Check out The Great Courses Plus, get one month free trial here: https://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/DeepAstronomy Mars is the closest planet to Earth and the most likely candidate to find life in the s

Detecting Stellar Civilizations Using Waste Heat Signatures

21st Sep, 2017

Can we find stellar civilizations by looking for their waste heat? New research suggests that it is possible, and practical. Earth-like civilizations generate heat from the energy that they utilize. The thermal radiation from this heat can be a t

Can Globular Clusters Harbor Interstellar Civilizations?

31st Aug, 2017

Can Globular Clusters Harbor Ancient Civilizations? Globular clusters are a spherical collection of stars very tightly bound by gravity, which gives them relatively high stellar densities toward their centers. In 2016 Dr. Rosanne Di Stefano co-aut

Dr Robert Zubrin: Some Reasons Why NASA Has Problems Getting Us to Mars - Exolife Hangout Excerpt

23rd Aug, 2017

We have been releasing segments from our weekly live hangouts held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This hangout originally aired on June 7th, 2017. The Exolife Hangout is held every Wednesday at 5pm ET. Please subscribe to this channel and activate n

Breakthrough Starshot Updates w/ Avi Loeb

27th Jul, 2017

My Mic echo goes away about three minutes in. I figured out the cause and fixed it. Can we really travel to other stars? Can Breakthrough Starshot meet its goals? Breakthrough Starshot aims to demonstrate proof of concept for ultra-fast light-dri

What is the Probability of Other Technological Species?

20th Jul, 2017

Can there be other technological civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy? Tune in this week as we discuss with Dr. Adam Frank the cosmic frequency of technological species in the Universe. Recent advances in exoplanet studies provide strong constrai