Footsteps to Mars Hangout

Monthly Hangout designed to inform and educate about our efforts to reach the planet Mars. These hangouts are held on the first Thursday of each Month at 3pm Eastern Time.

ISS: The First Essential Step to Mars

6th Dec, 2017

What role will the ISS Play in getting us to Mars? Human exploration of Mars present many technological, management, political, and engineering challenges. The International Space Station (ISS) offers today an essential initial demonstration site

Space Propulsion: Getting to Mars is Half the Fun

2nd Nov, 2017

Human exploration of Mars present many technological and engineering challenges, including propelling the crew from the Earth-Moon system. What technologies are being developed to get us out to the planets in our solar system?

Socioeconomic, Policy and Ethical Implications of Mars Human Exploration

6th Oct, 2017

What are the implications for going to Mars? This hangout will cover the details! Human travel to and exploration of Mars presents many challenges. So far, we addressed the physical and environmental risks to the explorers and settlers. Novel tec

Dr Robert Zubrin: Some Reasons Why NASA Has Problems Getting Us to Mars - Exolife Hangout Excerpt

23rd Aug, 2017

We have been releasing segments from our weekly live hangouts held on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This hangout originally aired on June 7th, 2017. The Exolife Hangout is held every Wednesday at 5pm ET. Please subscribe to this channel and activate n

Societal and Biomedical Implications of Mars Settlement

5th Aug, 2017

The Mars environment presents many challenges to human survival and long-term residence. In addition to microgravity health impacts, radiation, unbreathable atmosphere, and dust storms, surviving alien microorganisms can present a health risk. Eac

Alive When They Arrive

7th Apr, 2017

Senior NASA leadership has often observed that humans are closer to their first mission to Mars than ever before in history. Critical to human exploration of Mars will be active and healthy astronauts when they arrive at the Red Planet. Join Tony