Future in Space Hangout

Join us as we meet with members of the American Astronomical Society and the American Astronautical Society to discuss the future of humanity's efforts in space and science.

How Do We Make Future Space Astronomy Missions Happen?

20th Oct, 2017 - 1844 views

The James Webb Space Telescope is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. How was that mission chosen over all the others? NASA has begun four concept studies of exciting major space observatories that could launch sometime in the coming coup

NASA’s HabEx Mission and Living Earths: The Astronomical Answer to "Are We Alone?"

22nd Sep, 2017 - 2412 views

The Habitable Exoplanet Imaging Mission (HabEx) is a concept for a mission to directly image planetary systems around Sun-like stars. HabEx will directly image Earth-like exoplanets, and characterize their atmospheric content. NASA has begun four

The Lynx Space Telescope: Our Next Flagship to Probe the X-Ray Universe

18th Aug, 2017 - 2239 views

Lynx will take X-ray astronomy to new levels by combining a large gain in collecting area over Chandra and XMM, an angular resolution of 1/2 arcsecond, and high-throughput spectroscopy over a large field of view. NASA has begun a series of studies

From the Big Bang to Biosignatures: A Flagship Observatory in NASA’s Future

21st Jul, 2017 - 2609 views

LUVOIR is a concept for a highly capable, multi-wavelength observatory with ambitious science goals and is one of NASA's future flagship space observatories. NASA has begun four concept studies of major space observatories that could launch someti

The TRAPPIST-1 System and the NASA Search for Habitable Worlds

16th Jun, 2017 - 4157 views

What is NASA doing to help us understand the TRAPPIST-1 system? NASA’s Kepler mission breathtakingly revealed that our galaxy was filled with stars surrounded by planetary systems of all kinds. The search for planets includes seeking planets that

How Cool is That? Exploring the Low-Temperature Universe

19th May, 2017 - 2323 views

The low-temperature universe is a very hot topic in astronomy. Watch this month's Future in Space Hangout to find out why! Although cataclysmic explosions and the fiery furnaces of massive stars are attention-grabbers, many of the most critically