Future in Space Hangout

Join us as we meet with members of the American Astronomical Society and the American Astronautical Society to discuss the future of humanity's efforts in space and science.

The PLANETS Foundation: Looking for Life in the Universe

18th Nov, 2016

PLANETS Foundation: https://planets.life SETI isn't the only game in town that is dedicated to searching for and finding life in the universe. An international team of professors, astrophysicists, engineers and scientists from 6 countries around th

Future in Space: Beautiful Ballooning... And More

21st Oct, 2016

Live chat will be here when live: http://deepastronomy.com/live While the world’s space agencies extend humanity’s reach into space with science satellites of all kinds, generations of scientists have carried out cutting-edge research from high in t

SOFIA’s Flight to the Stars: NASA’s Airborne Astronomy Program

16th Sep, 2016

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Living Earths: The Astronomical Answer to “Are We Alone?"

20th Aug, 2016

NASA has begun four concept studies of major space observatories that could launch sometime in the coming couple decades. In this fourth in our series on these studies, we discuss the Habitable Exoplanet (HabEx) concept. HabEx is a design for a high

Ripples In Space: Gravitational Waves in Our Future

18th Jun, 2016

After decades of effort, the era of gravitational wave astronomy is finally here. Ground-based instruments like LIGO have opened up humanity's ears to the ripples of spacetime. But the LIGO results represent just one slice of the gravitational wave