Future in Space Hangout

Join us as we meet with members of the American Astronomical Society and the American Astronautical Society to discuss the future of humanity's efforts in space and science.

The Mesmerizing Universe: X-Ray Vision for the Stars

21st May, 2016

NASA has begun a series of studies of four concepts that will in a few years’ time produce candidate designs for a major space observatory to begin construction later next decade. One of these is the X-Ray Surveyor. The X-Ray Surveyor mission will p

How Cool Is That? Exploring the Low-Temperature Universe

16th Apr, 2016

Although cataclysmic explosions and the fiery furnaces of massive stars are attention-grabbers, many of the most critically important events and physical processes in astronomy take place in the coolest objects in the cosmos: regions wherein stars an

Science Projects on the ISS: NICER & CATS

18th Mar, 2016

Have you ever wondered how science missions are selected for operation on the International Space Station? What are the technical challenges for building projects that will be operated onboard and why is the ISS important for their success? Join Ton

Ninth Planet Beyond Neptune?

20th Feb, 2016

Konstantin Batygin & Mike Brown have recently uncovered evidence that a giant planet in the outer reaches of our solar system is pushing around the orbits of the most distant objects known beyond Neptune. The orbits of these distant objects, in what

LIGO & Gravitational Waves

13th Feb, 2016

Gravitational waves have been predicted by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity for 100 years and have never been found. Scientists have been searching for them using the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) located in Hanfo

How and Why We Try to Observe Gravitational Waves

21st Nov, 2015

One hundred years ago this month, Albert Einstein revolutionized our understanding of gravity:  space and time were no longer a passive stage on which the universe evolved, but instead a dynamic participant. Perhaps Einstein's most fascinating predi