JWST Videos

The James Webb Space Telescope is the successor to the venerable Hubble Space Telescope. It is designed to explore the infrared universe and look at the very first stars and galaxies in the universe as well as help us identify and learn about exoplanets.

Space Fan News #37: JWST Model in Baltimore Up Close and Personal

22nd Oct, 2011

http://facebook.com/SpaceFan There were some very nice people who work on the project willing to let me ask them some questions about JWST and post them here on YouTube. Special thanks to Dr. Marshall Perrin from STScI and Charlie Atkinson from Nor

JWST Model as seen from Baltimore's Inner Harbor

18th Oct, 2011

http://gplus.to/TonyDarnell This video is very shaky because I was holding the camera by the gorilla pod, which magnified the instability from the wind. Sorry about that. Here, I take you to see the JWST model from my boat, we take the inner harbo

Space Fan News #29: 2MASS Makes a Map; MIRI ready for JWST; STEREO-A Makes a Movie

21st Aug, 2011

http://facebook.com/SpaceFan Lots of news from space missions this week, from 2MASS to STEREO. Even some JWST stuff in here! That STEREO-A movie makes this a must-see. Really cool!. 2MASS: http://www.cfa.harvard.edu/news/2011/pr201116.html http:

Space Fan News #26: On the Cancellation of JWST

30th Jul, 2011

http://facebook.com/SpaceFan I've been asked by many of you to do a video on the proposed cancellation of JWST. Here it is. JWST Cancellation: http://appropriations.house.gov/News/DocumentSingle.aspx?DocumentID=250023 AAS Statement: http://aas.org

Space Fan News #20(!): 20,000 Subs; JWST Mission Update

1st May, 2011

Wow, 20,000 subscribers! Who would have thunk it possible? Thanks so much for watching my stuff. This week: an update on JWST. Things are progressing swimmingly, here's the report: http://www.jwst.nasa.gov/resources/WebbUpdate_spring2011.pdf

The James Webb Space Telescope: The Largest Telescope Ever Launched

31st Jan, 2011

DeepAstronomy site is undergoing a makeover: http://deepastronomy.com. Please stop by and take a look. The James Webb Space Telescope is due to launch no earlier than September of 2016, but anticipation is high for the data and images. It is des