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Space Fan News #25: Playing Astronomy Catchup

23rd Jul, 2011

Want to use Facebook? Let's see how that goes.... Lots of catching up to do after my haitus. Here are the links to some of the more interesting stuff that's happened since SFN #24:

Space Fan News #24: Latest Kepler Exoplanet; Goodbye to a Mars Rover

10th Jun, 2011

Sorry for the unexpected haitus! This week, we take a look at some highlights from the Spring Meeting of the American Astronomical Society meeting held in late May. New planet of Kepler 10 system:

Space Fan News #23: More Floating Planets Than Stars In Our Galaxy

23rd May, 2011

Bit late this week, but nonetheless... Astronomers think there may be more free floating planets than stars in our galaxy. Guys who did the survey: http://www.phys.canterbu

Space Fan News #22: The Habitability of Gliese 581d

14th May, 2011

This paper on Gliese 581d sheds some interesting light on the habitability of the planet: Very readable paper, I recommend it. Also, check out new DeepAstronomy article:

Space Fan News #21: Comet Elenin and You

7th May, 2011

Don't bother with duck and cover, you're going to be fine this fall.

Space Fan News #20(!): 20,000 Subs; JWST Mission Update

1st May, 2011

Wow, 20,000 subscribers! Who would have thunk it possible? Thanks so much for watching my stuff. This week: an update on JWST. Things are progressing swimmingly, here's the report: