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Space Fan News #19: Hubble Turns 21, Still Can't Get a Beer in a Bar

24th Apr, 2011

My employer, the Space Telescope Science Institute, released an image and a really cool animation to commemorate Hubble's 21st birthday. Press release here:

The Hypernova of VY Canis Majoris

20th Apr, 2011

By popular request, here's my take on the hypergiant star VY Canis Majors Further reading:

Space Fan News #18: Bye Space Shuttles, So Long and Thanks for All The Bills!

16th Apr, 2011

Space Shuttles are being retired, here's where they're gonna go. Also, they cost a lot. Iraq war s

Space Fan News #17 (Jump Cut Edition): New model for merging black holes; NASA Can't Afford LISA

9th Apr, 2011

Researchers at the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard unveiled a new model describing merging black holes. Also, NASA can't afford LISA.

Space Fan News #16: First Images of Mercury; All of Kepler's Planets; Number of Earths in Our Galaxy

2nd Apr, 2011

Lots of really cool news out this week. The MESSENGER spacecraft took some images of Mercury, the Kepler guys put out a really neat graphic showing all of the candidate planets Kepler discovered in February, and a paper showing an estimate of the nu

Space Bound #2: Earth's First Interstellar Probes

28th Mar, 2011

You may not be aware that we've already sent our first probes into interstellar space: Pioneer 10 and 11, along with Voyager I and II are out of our solar system an heading towards the stars. The problem is, they won't get there for tens of thous