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Space Fan News #15: Don't Lick Brown Things; Difference Between Brown Dwarf & Gas Giant

26th Mar, 2011

Space Bound #2 will be out on Sunday! Got a heads up from space fan paleosmoker about a discovery of the coolest brown dwarf ever found. Also discuss the difference between a gas giant and a brown dwarf. Here are the links referred to in the vid

Space Fan News #14 (Super Moon Edition): NASA goes to Mercury; Ducks on Mars

19th Mar, 2011

NASA finally made it to Mercury. Also, talking about the stupid Super Moon idiocy. Here's NASA's release: Here's Bad Astronomy's debunking post:

Space Fan News #13: Before the Big Bang?

13th Mar, 2011

Back from vacation and wanted to talk about Conformal Cyclic Cosmology. Back in November, a group announced that they have possibly detected gravity waves from interacting black hole in a universe prior to ours. Here is the paper:

Space Fan News #12: Something Strange About Gravity

5th Mar, 2011

Don't forgets your tweets: A couple of weeks ago a paper came out that supported the MOND theory for why the universe is accelerating. Here's the announcement: Here's the paper: http://arxiv.o

How Do We Know Black Holes Exist?

4th Mar, 2011 is getting more stuff all the time, please remember to check it out! It's a natural question to ask how we know black holes exist if we can't see them. This video step through the history of thinking on the idea of black ho

Space Fan News #11: The Beginning of the End of an Era

27th Feb, 2011

You can haz astronomy tweets: This week, I wax rhapsodic about the final launch of Discovery, and discuss it's relevance to the Hubble.