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How the Hubble Space Telescope Will Die

25th Feb, 2011

Please check out the new/improved You will (eventually) be able to download all of my vids there. Sometime in 2024 the Hubble Space Telescope will die unless we can figure out a way to capture it and bring it down. This

Space Fan News #10: NASA smashes a comet, measures hole it made; the X2 flare that nobody noticed

19th Feb, 2011

The two major events this week, both kinda overblown in my opinion, but nevertheless, there was some cool images to come out of it. NASA's comet flyby: X2 Flare: http://s

Space Fan News #9: First Image of Entire Sun Taken; Comments on Solar Max

12th Feb, 2011

The STEREO team released the first image ever taken of the complete globe of the sun. Not the disk, the ENTIRE sphere. Really cool. I also respond to a request about concerns of the upcoming solar max and the predictions that it will be stronger

The Apophis Asteroid: What You Need To Know

11th Feb, 2011

UPDATE: In January 2013, NASA confirmed that Apophis WILL NOT hit Earth in 2036. For more watch: For some reason, went crazy with traffic over searches for the Apophis asteroid.

Space Fan News 8 Kepler Triples Number of Known Exoplanets Become a Planet Hunter

5th Feb, 2011

On Feb. 2nd, 2011 the NASA Kepler team announced another data release. This one contains candidates for 1235 stars with planets orbiting them. Of those, 54 are within the habitable zone! Kepler has woken up and is now fulfilling its promise to ans

The James Webb Space Telescope: The Largest Telescope Ever Launched

31st Jan, 2011

DeepAstronomy site is undergoing a makeover: Please stop by and take a look. The James Webb Space Telescope is due to launch no earlier than September of 2016, but anticipation is high for the data and images. It is des