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Space Fan News #6: James Webb Space Telescope Mission Update

22nd Jan, 2011 - 5213 views

Thought I would share some of the latest news from the James Webb Space Telescope mission. Looks like there are some delays ahead and cost overruns, but this isn't surprising and is quite common in space missions.

The First Earth-Sized World of Kepler

17th Jan, 2011 - 43.1k views

Subscribe to the DeepAstronomy iTunes Podcast: and add to iTunes. On January 10th, 2011, after gathering and analyzing over 8 months of data transmitted from the spacecraft, the Kepler Science Team announce

Space Fan News #5: The Future is in the Infrared

15th Jan, 2011 - 5087 views

Whew! This has been some week, the AAS is now over and astronomy overload has set in. All of you have been so supportive and enthusiastic about this series. To be honest, I was shocked at how many watched these vids. Because this was such a posit

Space Fan News #4: Candles in the Dark

14th Jan, 2011 - 5832 views

This one's a little long because I wanted to give some background into the two press releases that came out of the AAS today:

Space Fan News #3: The Most Comprehensive Image of the Night Sky Ever Taken

13th Jan, 2011 - 7003 views

Been tweeting like crazy: Here's the press release: Link to the image: More inf

Space Fan News #2: Echoes From a Quasar That No Longer Exists

12th Jan, 2011 - 8904 views

Here's the press release: Don't forget to check out Galaxy Zoo: A Dutch schoolteacher discovered an enigmatic object while classifying galaxies in the Sloan Dig