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Space Fan News #3: The Most Comprehensive Image of the Night Sky Ever Taken

13th Jan, 2011

Been tweeting like crazy: Here's the press release: Link to the image: More inf

Space Fan News #2: Echoes From a Quasar That No Longer Exists

12th Jan, 2011

Here's the press release: Don't forget to check out Galaxy Zoo: A Dutch schoolteacher discovered an enigmatic object while classifying galaxies in the Sloan Dig

Space Fan News #1: Kepler Discovers Its First Rocky World

11th Jan, 2011

Get astronomy tweets here: Trying something new here. I really enjoy the weeks that the American Astronomical Society holds its meetings because so many great things are announced. i want to share as many of the

What Caused the Big Bang?

9th Jan, 2011

Get astronomy tweets here: The question of what caused the Big Bang is one of the most difficult facing humanity. We may never find an answer, and even if we do, we probably won't understand it. It's difficult to im

Where Are the First Stars and Galaxies?

28th Dec, 2010

Here's my twitter feed: There is a big gap in our observations from the CMB to the first galaxies almost a billion years later. The James Webb Space Telescope will help close that gap by looking for the first star

How Can Galaxies Travel Faster Than Light?

15th Dec, 2010

Get Astronomy tweets here Probably my biggest regret when I made the Hubble Deep Field in 3D video is saying the phrase "these galaxies are racing away from us, in some cases faster than light". I had originally