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Space Bound #1: The Consequences of Star Travel

6th Oct, 2010

Thank you space fans! This video is the first in a new series inspired by you. Special thanks to Space Fan Malekhit86, your suggestion had the most votes. All music used:

Gliese 581g: First Earth-sized planet discovered around a star's habitable zone

2nd Oct, 2010

Earlier this week, astronomers from University of California in Santa Cruz announced the discovery of an Earth-sized world in a very promising spot around the red-dwarf star known as Gliese 581. It seems to be orbiting in that star's habitable zone.

Why is the Sky Dark at Night?

4th Sep, 2010

Get astronomy twitter posts here: A question that bothered me a lot when I was younger, and it bothered me even more when I found out about Olber's Paradox. Here's my take. Music used: Revised Youth - Bro

Infinite Minute #5: Goodbye Jack Horkheimer

27th Aug, 2010

FYI: I thought my shirt being transparent was appropriate. My little tribute... I was extremely sad to hear of the passing of Jack Horkheimer this month. He was one of my earliest influences when I was growing up and he will be sorely missed.

Life in the Universe #3: The Great Filter

25th Jul, 2010

Doing some tweeting here: @DeepAstronomy Whew! This was the hardest video for me (by far) to make. I started this script on August 21, 2009 and I'm finally finishing this up almost a year later. I would encourage anyone who has any questions to m

Infinite Minute #4: Fun in D.C.

25th May, 2010

I know it's been a long time since my last video. I've been working hard getting settled into my new job and I wanted to give everyone an update on when the next video will be coming out. Music track used: (Golden Spoon): http://