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Solar Dynamics Observatory Will Take More Data Than Ever Before

10th Feb, 2010 The SDO launches tomorrow! I have a terrible headcold, so I can't do any narration right now, but I really wanted to let Space Fans know about this exciting new solar spacecraft. I had a very small role to play in the

Strange Spheres Seen in Solar Data

5th Feb, 2010 Some very interesting looking "spheres" were observed by some Space Fans in STEREO data a few weeks ago and asked me what I thought they were. I did some digging and found out.

2012 And The Strongest Solar Storms Ever Recorded

27th Jan, 2010 Man, it's cold in Illinois. You wouldn't see Carl Sagan trying this. I'll try close captioning this video so people can better read the script, the wind was extraordinarily strong today. This is the first

December 21, 2012: Why I'm Scared

15th Jan, 2010 This one's a little long, but I go through many of the main points of the 2012 stuff. If you like it and find it helpful, please help me get the word out about this so that people will not go nuts like they did just prior to Y

Titan's Shadow: A Once in a Millenium Celestial Alignment

11th Jan, 2010

Found another really cool observation done by the Chandra X-Ray telescope way back in 2003. With all the hype about celestial alignments and 2012 hysteria about the Sun/Earth/Galactic Center alignment, I thought I'd present a truly once in a milleni

The First Five Worlds of Kepler

6th Jan, 2010

On January 4th, 2010, the Kepler Science Team announced the first five worlds discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope. These planets are larger, Jupiter-sized ones, instead of the smaller Earth-sized planets it was designed to detect, but these d