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Infinite Minute #3: The Universe is Evaporating

30th Oct, 2009 - 19.5k views

Astronomers have known for some time that the universe is expanding, but until very recently, it was always assumed that after the Big Bang, the material in the universe: stars, nebulae and galaxies, we basically just sort of thrown out there, coasti

How The Universe Was Formed

27th Sep, 2009 - 334.9k views

About a half a million years after the big bang, the cosmos began to cool, as it cooled, the hot subatomic particles that constituted the early universe began to slow down and stop colliding with each other long enough so that protons, neutrons and e

The Farthest We Can Ever See into the Universe

21st Sep, 2009 - 205.8k views

Earlier this week on Sept. 17th 2009, the European Space Agency released first light images of its Planck telescope. The Planck observatory scans the sky using highly sensitive detectors that measure tiny variations of temperature in the Cosmic mi

The Hubble Space Telescope is Back and Better Than Ever!

14th Sep, 2009 - 81.6k views

By popular demand, I've created a high definition montage of the latest images released from the upgraded Hubble Space Telescope. Many Space Fans out there wanted a montage of just the music and animations. Well, your wish is my command. Enjoy

Improved Hubble Shows Evidence of Dark Matter

11th Sep, 2009 - 56.6k views

As you may be aware, in May of this year, NASA launched its final mission to the HST to perform an upgrade. During this tricky mission, the astronauts replaced several key instruments with brand new ones, making the HST into an essentially brand new

December 21, 2012: Should You Be Worried?

10th Aug, 2009 - 59.1k views

Alrighty then Space Fans, this is the first of my 2012 videos. Yes, I'm reading from a script, and I sound a little wooden, but I promise to work on that! Most of the fear and confusion surrounding this issue stems primarily from a lack of unde