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Life in the Universe #2: Where Is Everybody?

20th Jul, 2009

Given that our galaxy is 10 billion years old and it should take civilizations much less time to develop and travel through the galaxy, why isn't the universe teeming with aliens? Where is everybody?

Dark Energy and Me

17th Jul, 2009

Hello space fans, I'm talking entirely too fast and am almost completely incoherent, but here's an explanation of where I've been and what I'm doing. Thanks for hanging in there and stay tuned!

How the Hubble Deep Field Was Taken

4th Jul, 2009

Since I made the "Most Important Image" video, I have consistently gotten emails asking how the image was taken in the first place. Here is a video from that does a great job of telling the story of how the first Hubble Deep Field w

AstronomyBuff #3: I Have Proof of Intelligent Design!

17th Jul, 2007

Sorry for the exclamation mark, but this is huge! I have uncovered irrefutable evidence that the universe was designed. I even disclose who it was.

AstronomyBuff #2: Stellarium and Planetary Alignment 6/30/07

29th Jun, 2007

There is a cool planetary alignment this Saturday, June 30th. I wanted to play with Stellarium and my new screen grabber software to produce a 'planetarium-style' presentation.

AstronomyBuff #1: Vampires Make the Best Astronomers

4th Feb, 2007

This is the first installment of the video blog.