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Life in the Universe #1: Just on Earth, or Everywhere?

22nd Sep, 2006

This is the first episode of a series on life in the universe. Looking for life in the universe isn't like looking for your car keys. It's hard to know where to even start. The best place to start is probably by NOT trying to find alien civilizati

The Hubble Deep Field Video with narration cleaned up

9th Sep, 2006

Here's the same video but with the smacking and breathing sounds removed and cleaned up. I apologize for not doing this before, but I never listened to the video with earphones on. Numa Numa guy is still there. Taking him out would have been mor

The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken

6th Sep, 2006

The video that started it all! This video on the Hubble Deep Field was the first thing Deep Astronomy ever posted to YouTube. It is in low quality because 240p was all you had back in the day.