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Astronomy and Outreach with Ian Lauer

7th Nov, 2018 - 762 views

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Exoplanets Don't Like Heavy Metals

6th Nov, 2018 - 1182 views

Studies of planetary systems have indicated that star systems with high metallicity (think iron - actually anything heavier than helium) may preferentially form planets,but a new survey suggests there are many compact, multiple-planet systems for whi

Astronomy at the European Southern Observatory (ESO)

5th Nov, 2018 - 1534 views

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As Mission Dies, Gaia Revises Kepler Earth-sized Exoplanet Count

1st Nov, 2018 - 3694 views

As NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope ends its mission once and for all, ESA’s GAIA Space Telescope data shows that some Kepler planets need revising.

Five Most Popular Telescopes for Amateur Astronomy

29th Oct, 2018 - 3297 views

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New Method For Finding Stellar-sized Black Holes

27th Oct, 2018 - 3146 views

New method for detecting black holes in orbit around other stars looks very promising.