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Extraordinary Video From NASA's Juno Mission

22nd Jul, 2021

NASA's Juno Spacecraft has been flying around Jupiter since 2016 and has given us views of Jupiter that are the most stunning ever taken of the largest planet in our solar system

Apophis Asteroid is Coming

13th Feb, 2020

Scientists are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the asteroid Apophis in 2029. This close encounter promises to be an amazing event for the entire world

Goodbye Spitzer Space Telescope! Was it Worth It? Whats Going to Happen To It?

29th Jan, 2020

NASA will shut down one of its most prolific space telescopes this week. The Spitzer Space Telescope will be decommissioned on Jan 30, 2020

Losing the Nobel Prize Cosmology Bicep and Bicep2

28th Jan, 2020

First Astro Coffee of the year! Today I'm talking with Dr Brian Keating, a professor of physics at the University of California, San Diego; a Fellow of the American Physical Society; a commercially rated pilot; and the director of the Simons Observa

JWST Mission Confident of March 2021 Launch Tony Gets a Call From NASA

15th Jan, 2020

At a town hall held on the first day of AAS meeting, NASA program managers and scientists express confidence that the James Webb Space Telescope will launch as currently scheduled in March 2021. Also, I got more feedback from my JWST reporting, this

Stellina Telescope Review The Amateur Astronomers Antidote to Light Pollution

20th Dec, 2019

The new telescope from Stellina has great promise for the amateur living under light polluted skies