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Finding Neutrinos with (an) IceCube

7th Aug, 2018

Super energetic neutrinos can be formed in exotic places, for example the accelerators in the core of galactic supermassive black holes. The IceCube neutrino detector array was built and deployed at the South Pole. The detectors are designed and posi

Upcoming Hangout Series: Ground-based astronomy and observatories

7th Aug, 2018

We are still coming up with a name, but this hangout will introduce a new hangout series on Deep Astronomy that will highlight the advances, technology and discoveries in astronomy from ground-based observatories around the world. Tony Darnell and C

NASA's TESS is Now a Fully Armed and Operational Exoplanet Finder

4th Aug, 2018

After launch on April 18th of this year onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the next generation of space telescopes to look for exoplanets, in our galaxy, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite starts science mission

How Cool is That? Observing the Low Temperature Universe with ORIGINS Space Telescope

31st Jul, 2018

What is the status of the ORIGINS Space Telescope? One of four mission concepts being considered as a followup to WFIRST.

Will WFIRST Suffer Because of JWST?

30th Jul, 2018

In this episode, we’ve all heard about the delays and cost overruns of NASA’s flagship observatory, JWST. How will it affect upcoming large space telescope missions, like WFIRST?

Climate Change on Alien Worlds -A Possible Great Filter?

24th Jul, 2018

While our search is still in its infancy, we haven't yet found any obvious signs of intelligent life in our galaxy. One reason could be that any aliens out there may not have made it past a stage in its development where climate change wipes them out