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Powering Innovation from the Sky to the Stars

11th Jul, 2019

Join our Chat on Discord here: The inaugural Glenn Symposium will focus on advancements in aerospace technology including power and propulsion, communications, hypersonics, and more. Discussion will also encompass policy a

Physicists Hunt for Mirror Universe to Explain Neutron Decay Mystery Dark Matter

6th Jul, 2019

Space Fan News is Sponsored by OPT Telescopes and Patreon Patrons: A physicist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory is making a serious effort to open a portal to a parallel universe! It turns out that there’s a weird anomal

NASA Selects Quadcopter Dragonfly to Go to TITAN

29th Jun, 2019

We are going to Titan! Yesterday NASA announced a new mission, called Dragonfly, a rotorcopter New Frontiers Mission designed to go to Saturn’s moon Titan.

Is Elon Musk Ruining Our Night Sky

28th Jun, 2019

With the proposed launch of tens of thousands of satellites, is SpaceX and Elon Musk ruining our night sky?

Glenn Memorial Symposium Powering Innovation from the Sky to the Stars

24th Jun, 2019

Multistreaming with Whenever bandwidth permits, Deep Astronomy will be live streaming from the John Glenn memorial Symposium. Please use Discord for our live chat: We are in the livestream-chat chann

Deep Astronomy nasasocial

23rd Jun, 2019

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