Space Documentaries

Deep Astronomy has a long history of creating short, mini-documentaries highlighting an interesting topic in astronomy designed to shake your perspective on the cosmos.

A Journey into a Black Hole

4th Apr, 2010

What would it be like to travel into a black hole?

What is the Universe Expanding Into?

26th Feb, 2010

By popular Space Fan request, I offer this video to help answer some of your questions regarding the expanding universe. Many of you consistently ask: If the universe is expanding, then what is it expanding into?

The Hole in the Andromeda Galaxy

15th Feb, 2010 On August 25, 2003, NASA launched the Spitzer Space Telescope. Designed to peer into the infrared region of the spectrum, this instrument was designed to pierc

How The Universe Was Formed

27th Sep, 2009

How was the universe formed?

The Hubble Deep Field in 3d

3rd Aug, 2009

In an update on an already iconic image, astronomers have created a new Hubble Deep Field in 3D

How the Hubble Deep Field Was Taken

4th Jul, 2009

Since I made the "Most Important Image" video, I have consistently gotten emails asking how the image was taken in the first place. Here is a video from that does a great job of telling the story of how the first Hubble Deep Field w