Your Sky Tonight

Explore the naked-eye wonders of our sky at night with this relaxing series of videos designed to whisk you to the heavens and enjoy the dazzling universe spinning overhead.

Can We See the Pillars of Creation with Amateur Astronomy Telescopes

6th Jun, 2019

In the late spring skies in the northern hemisphere, looking towards the southeast in the hours after midnight, there is a region of star formation that right now, is home to newborn stars: The Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula

Your Sky Tonight The Southern Crab Nebula

11th May, 2019

Every year, in celebration of another monumental anniversary of observations and discovery, the astronomers operating the Hubble Space Telescope release an annual image highlighting the beauty of our cosmos.

Albedo 052 Images of Jupiter from Juno

1st Mar, 2019

One of my favorite composers is Vangelis and for people who like old school Cosmos, you know what I'm talking about. I've been thinking about making a tribute to Albedo 0.39 for a while and all of the amazing Junocam images of Jupiter inspired me.

Your Sky Tonight A Christmas Comet

22nd Dec, 2018

In the waning months of 2018, we are treated to a comet in our night sky: Comet 46P/Wirtanen

Your Sky Tonight The SuperEarth Around Barnards Star

22nd Nov, 2018

Located in the constellation Ophiuchus, there is an unremarkable red dwarf star some six light years away. After the three stars of the Alpha Centauri system, this is the closest star to us. Known as Barnard’s star, it is invisible to the unaided

New Off-Axis Telescope Design for Amateurs

26th Jun, 2018

How would you like to own a telescope that has the same design as some of the world's best observatories? The off-axis telescope is unique in that there is no secondary obstruction to mess up your image but the mirror configuration is not easy to co