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Cassini: A Remarkable Journey

25th May, 2017 by Tony Darnell

Cassini began it's Grand Finale last month. Learn how this spectacular mission will end!

The Great Silence: Where is Everybody?

24th May, 2017 by Tony Darnell

Where is everybody? Why haven't we heard from other civilizations by now?

The TRAPPIST-1 System and the Search for Life

18th May, 2017 by Tony Darnell

NASA’s Kepler mission breathtakingly revealed that our galaxy was filled with stars surrounded by planetary systems of all kinds. The search for planets includes seeking planets that might harbor life.

Keeping Humans Productive in Space

4th May, 2017 by Tony Darnell

More discussion on how to keep humans alive on a trip to Mars. What are the nutritional requirements, mental activities and diversions that can keep humans healthy on long duration space voyages.

The Cosmic Optical Background: New Horizons Probes the Universe

27th Apr, 2017 by Tony Darnell

Researchers have cleverly used data from the New Horizons mission to look at the light from distant galaxies.

Imaging the Surface of Proxima Centauri b

26th Apr, 2017 by Tony Darnell

How is it possible to image the surface of an Earth-sized planet outside of our solar system? Join us for this special Exoplanet hangout to find out!

Astronomy Aloft: The SOFIA Airborne Observatory

13th Apr, 2017 by Tony Darnell

SOFIA is the an airplane and an astronomical observatory, the largest of its type in the world. It is starting to make some of the most amazing observations of the universe in the infrared.

Submission Guidelines for Space Fan News

7th Apr, 2017 by Tony Darnell

Want to submit a story for Space Fan News? Here are the guidelines to follow.

Alive When They Arrive

6th Apr, 2017 by Tony Darnell

What are the long-term effects of being in space on human beings? Can we survive a trip to Mars and back?

Monster Black Hole Gets Kicked out of Home Galaxy by Gravitational Wave

30th Mar, 2017 by Tony Darnell

Astronomers have uncovered a supermassive black hole that has been thrown out of the center of a distant galaxy by what they think may be due to gravitational waves.

What is the Event Horizon Telescope?; NASA's SWIFT Finds a Star Falling in a Black Hole

24th Mar, 2017 by Tony Darnell

Radio astronomers are ready to point their telescopes towards the center of our galaxy to directly image the supermassive black hole Sgr A* using the Event Horizon Telescope; and NASA’s SWIFT captures a star falling into a black hole.

Water on the Exoplanet 51 Pegasi b!

23rd Mar, 2017 by Tony Darnell

Join us as we discuss the discovery and observations of 51 Pegasi b and how they arrived at the exciting result that the planet’s atmosphere contains water.